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With 203 sales outlets in Italy, Eastern Europe and Western Africa, 2400 staff, a catalogue of 800,000 articles, three centralised logistics platforms, the Cambielli Edilfriuli Group is Italy’s largest plumbing and heating supplier.

A company that has chosen to work according to a standardised organisational model to guarantee a uniform yet customisable price list across the board, while offering the same assortment and same attention to all our customers. Our sales outlets, a total of 191 in Italy, 5 in Croatia, 6 in Slovenia and 1 in Lagos in Nigeria, all use the same centralised computer system and a single database. This creates a powerful network, which is very useful for exchanging data, processing orders, managing correspondence and sharing customer and supplier information.

Today, this technologically advanced computer platform provides us with:

  •  a single, shared archive of around 190,000 active customers;
  •  a single articles database, managing over 800,000 codes, complete with factory code and barcode;
  •  a single supplier database, integrated with automatic, centralised control and dispatch of orders to suppliers;
  •  a single accounting software application;
  •  a single e-mail system with over 900 internal addresses.

Moreover, fitted with radio frequency communication systems, the three Centralised Logistics warehouses guarantee the storage and immediate dispatch of the 7,000 most popular articles. 

Cambielli Nigeria Limited
Cambielli Nigeria Limited
Cambielli Nigeria Limited

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The heating and plumbing sector

Today, the Cambielli Edilfriuli Group is an Italian leader in the distribution of heating and plumbing supplies, a sector which the company has nurtured and developed since its establishment in 1919. With all its extensive knowledge developed over the years, today Cambielli Edilfriuli is able to supply a wide assortment of articles from Italy and Europe’s top manufacturers, standing out from the market as a precious and stable partner for your professional supply needs.

The articles sold come from both the consolidated sectors of plumbing and HVAC and more innovative ranges including industrial, technical and water pipeline components, as well as specialist fields including equipment for the disabled. The company’s efficient organisation has allowed it to develop a distribution network that responds effectively to the needs of a continuously evolving market, supported by constant high standards of service, assortment and product availability.

With its centralised warehouses stocking high turnover products, every store is able to ensure the prompt availability and supply of goods throughout the territory. In addition to this, our fully and constantly trained staff provide quality, thorough technical assistance to customers both before and after sales. And there’s more. Cooperating continuously with our supplier-partners, we are able to provide technical information on product innovations in every store: so why not take advantage of our training and consultancy opportunities to help your business grow too.

Cambielli Nigeria Limited